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“How to Avoid a Terrible Valentine’s Day” LexD style February 13, 2009

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So, I saw this article on CNN’s homepage titled, “Awful Valentine’s Day — How To Avoid It.” (Sidenote: It’s written by Judy McGuire – isn’t she the one who does the Dategirl column for Seattle Weekly?)

I perused it, and it turns out, she gives some pretty straightforward advice. As a person who is not really enthused about Valentine’s Day, I think I can do her one better: Realize that the holiday was created solely for marketing purposes. Honestly, it’s just another day – albeit one where buying any form of flowers, candy or champagne will cost you WAY more than it did on February 7th. 

I used to get kind of sappy about it, but that’s because I was a student, or I lived with my parents and had time to get up in arms about that kind of stuff. Honestly, even back then, I knew it but didn’t want to admit it. Valentine’s Day is like senior prom: You build it up, and then it inevitably fails to meet your over-inflated expectations. 

I do have a boyfriend, so this isn’t some jaded single speaking. But, in my personal experience, I’ve never had a blow-me-out-of-the-water V-Day. Generally, going to dinner is a hassle because a) you have to make reservations way ahead of time, b) put up with crowds, c) everything is hugely overpriced (including those “romantic package dinners”) and d) said crowds are generally PDA-ish, smoochy/grabby couples or phenomenally awkward couples. The former makes both BF and I uncomfortable. The latter makes for good people watching, but not great enough to make going out worth the trouble. 

So, what are WE doing tomorrow? BF works, and I’m going to indulge myself by going tanning and working out. Then, I’m making some sort of great culinary creation for dinner so we can just eat some great food, get drunk, and kill zombies together on Left 4 Dead. 

Definitely MY kind of Valentine’s Day.

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