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Links November 13, 2009

If you’re interested in any of the topics I write about here on the blog and are looking for more information, check out the following links from my Google Reader:

Social Media/PR

  • PR Breakfast Club — a group of incredibly bright PR/marketing/social media practitioners. If you’re on Twitter, search #prbc to get in on the madness.
  • PRtini — this blog belongs to my friend, coworker and mentor Heather Whaling. She’s a smart cookie, with great ideas and interesting insight. I (still) ask her for advice about everything
  • Stuff Journalists Like — I’m not sure if I should consider this a humor web site or not (it’s tongue-in-cheek for sure, if not more)
  • Copyblogger — incredible advice for any sort of professional who deals with writing. Actually, for anyone who deals with other people in general


  • Broke-Ass Gourmet — you must visit this site. The creator, Gabi, has great ideas for fabulous meals on the cheap, and she even breaks down the price of ingredients for you
  • Cheap, Healthy, Good — wonderful site that has recipes and informative articles, all written with a great sense of humor
  • Serious Eats — a site that covers it all, food-wise. I read it religiously, even on the weekends. They have a separate recipe feed that can be really useful, as opposed to delicious-ing everything, or trying to find it on the site
  • The Hungry Mouse — from Jessie’s recipes to her photos and copywriting, this blog is fantastic
  • The Pioneer Woman — Ree Drummond’s blog is a snapshot into her life, including cooking, working on their ranch, photography and her children. I highly recommend it


  • Healthy Tipping Point — An open, honest dialogue about how to make a healthy lifestyle practical. Caitlin’s subtitle says it all: “When everyday decisions add up to something amazing.”
  • Oh She Glows: This site is hands-down my favorite for recipes. While Angela and her husband eat a vegan diet, she does a phenomenal job of staying away from rabbit food and creating delicious, decadent recipes that even MY fiance will eat
  • The Fitnessista — Probably my new favorite web site. Gina is a wonderful example of a gal who has her priorities straight and takes good care of herself. Her blog is full of recipes and workouts … and is fun to read, to boot. My favorite workout is her “boredom buster” on the elliptical.


  • Gamasutra — In-depth gaming industry coverage, mostly focused on the business of making games. Tons of great perspective on the “why” and “how” regarding level design, difficulty, ratings, and all other manner of interesting info
  • Gossip Gamers — my go-to site for gaming news, in great bite-size information nuggets
  • Insult Swordfighting — more thoughtful commentary from Mitch Krpata, who isn’t afraid to be critical of “hot” games (check out his review of Dragon Age!)
  • Sexy Videogameland: Writer Leigh Alexander’s personal gaming blog, where she includes her perspective on hot gaming issues as well as a healthy dose of nostalgia. Also, she loves video game music, just like me
  • The Brainy Gamer — Michael Abbot sometimes goes a little bit over my head into game development and programming, but he has a knack for looking at things with an entirely different perspective. Always a thought-provoking read

Have anything you think I should add? Let me know!


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