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Coffeehouses April 24, 2010

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The past few weekends (and weeks, really) have been outrageously busy for BF and I. I should say this with the caveat that he and I are pretty much homebodies. We don’t go out all that much (cheaper to drink at home and nobody has to take one for the team and drive!), we don’t go out to eat (we like to cook), we like video games and watching movies in our “comfies” (read: jammies).

Both BF and I were pretty hardcore partiers and “do stuff”-ers in college, so while friends of ours would likely be surprised at this … I think we just wore ourselves out after four years.

I really thought I’d have a great weekend this weekend because we had very little planned. There are a couple festivals I wanted to check out (Orlando GreekFest, Orlando HopFest and the Great American Pie Festival), and I wanted to volunteer at Pet Rescue by Judy. I did a hardcore clean of the apartment last Sunday, so besides a quick dusting/vacuuming, that doesn’t need to be done.

And I will never iron. I have come to this conclusion. I might as well as cross it off my to-do list, because it’s not happening.

I woke up this morning, eagerly anticipating a fun day … but for some reason the “get up and go” in me just kind of died. I was informed by BF that his friend was coming over later in the day for some “guy time” (read: GTFO of the house) … but I no longer WANTED to leave the house. Really, a day full of Dante’s Inferno, Final Fantasy VI, a gym stint and maybe some pool time sounded solid to me.

Not really wanting to go anywhere but being forced out of the house, I defaulted to something I haven’t done in a long time: A local coffeehouse.

So, here I am at Barnie’s at Waterford Lakes, remembering why I used to love doing this all the time. I am prepared to entertain myself for several hours, with my laptop, DS, and a couple books. I have already powered through a 16oz iced soy latte and a 160z iced tea.

I had a premonition that I wouldn’t be able to access my work computer from my laptop (I actually have paying work to do), so I took the initiative to download Steam. Braid should help ebb some time away.

What do I love about this? I love coffee (especially non-burnt beans), I love tea, I love being surrounded by people who just needed to get out of the house, like me. I love being surrounded by people who are probably much like me … they don’t necessarily want interaction, but they are nice and content being hooked up with free wi-fi and some sort of caffinated beverage.

I also discovered there are no less than THREE coffeehouses within 1 mile of my house. This could become a habit. Thank GOD I didn’t get rid of my laptop … no matter how much of a dinosaur it is. 😀

Currently loving: Barnie’s iced Ginger Peach tea, Stumbling On Happiness, vegetarian, dairy and wheat free meals

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How I know I am getting old April 1, 2009

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It’s been a creeping suspicion of mine that I am what they call “an old soul.” Unfortunately I am not the kind of “old soul” that possesses infinite amounts of wisdom. I am still a spaz. I think I am the kind that is just super crotchety. Case in point:

  • My joints (esp. my right knee) really hurt when the weather is crappy. I would like to point out that I turned 24 in January. Something is wrong here.
  • I constantly find myself wishing that people would just grow up already.
  • I caulked the bathtub in my apartment this weekend, and I am still excited about it (seriously, I leave my shower curtain open so I can see it every time I walk in).
  • I am convinced I have an ulcer. I thought only old people got those?
  • I keep my car ridiculously clean. 
  • Not only do I use a desk calendar (which, it has been pointed out, is absurd since I consider myself pretty tech-savvy), but I love my desk calendar. I color-code it. Pink is personal. Blue is client meetings (code for: wear a suit). Yellow is a recurring responsibility. I know. I am pathetic.
  • I go to sleep by 10 each night, if not earlier. I also wake up automatically at 5:53 every morning. It’s creepy, I know.

That’s pretty much it, but for a 24 year-old? I think that’s sort of intense.